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Since 2022, Dynamic Progress Group has been delivering high-quality and effective speech & language therapy to children age 2-14 years old. Lori Garabedian, a PROMPT Certified SLP, has had experience and training in a variety of settings (clinics, agencies, schools, and private practices) since 2010. It can be overwhelming beginning the journey to find a good fit and approach that best supports you and your child's speech and language needs. Let's chat to find out your concerns and discuss an individualized plan.

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Below are the general services provided at Dynamic Progress Group.

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Speech Therapy


Through a holistic approach, I assess how the three internal domains to total communication (Physical/Sensory, Cognitive/Linguistic, and Social/Emotional) interact with a child's external factors (e.g. environment, communication partners) to develop an individualized therapy plan. Your experience with Dynamic Progress Group should look different as we grow and progress. Please contact me today to schedule a consultation and/or evaluation.

Child In Speech Therapy


The PROMPT approach is most recognized for its work supporting motor planning development for speech. The philosophy factors in all three domains to identify and address language and interactions skills, too. This allows for an individualized treatment plan in all speech and language needs. Other motor planning therapy approaches often target the Physical/Sensory domain alone.


AAC devices are a great tool for all early communicators because of their reduced demands and built in visual supports. When motor planning difficulties are causing frustration within communicators, AAC devices are supplemental to our speech work and help build the child's confidence to speak. They are not always used to replace a child's voice. They are often used to supplement and enhance their communication skills.

I’m Dynamic Progress Group, and I’m dedicated to building long-lasting relationships based on trust and complete support with every family.


My name is Lori Garabedian. Currently, I am proudly the ONLY Speech Language Pathologist with a PROMPT Certification in San Diego.

I am passionate about supporting you and your child's growth in their speech and language skills. Through the PROMPT philosophy, I address children's motor planning difficulties while incorporating language and social interaction skills. I grew up in New York and relocated to San Diego in 2013 to practice in the school setting. I found that I enjoy working in the child's home/community more. It allows me to support the carry over of skills learned in sessions naturally and into every day life. That's why I created Dynamic Progress Group and completed the PROMPT journey towards certification. PROMPT has helped me feel confident in choosing the accurate, research-based targets that reach our goals efficiently. I notice PROMPT helps my clients build their confidence to take speech risks during our sessions and across settings. The overall goal of our work is to encourage accurate motor planning movements through functional, naturalistic activities.

Kaylee T. (Parent)
San Diego, CA

"You have taught us so much and made us see our son in a totally different light by explaining the way he learns speech. We have had conversations with him for the first time, in his life this year, and he couldn't have done it without you."

Bill D. (Grandfather) 

Ocean Beach, CA

"We have found Lori to be extremely thorough, timely, and conscientious.  Our grandson has made significant progress while working with her. "
Learning the ABCs





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